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Anshul Jain

Vice President, Morgan Stanley
Aspiring Software Crafter, Full Stack Developer

About Me

I have over 8 years of experience as a software engineer in Morgan Stanley. I am a Vice President in the Equity Swaps Trading team in Mumbai. I have built and supported applications that serve multiple front, middle & back office business operations for the DSP business of Morgan Stanley.

I am currently running a multi-year cross-divisional project to radically scale the DSP business from ~10 million swaps to ~100 trillion. This project involves collaborating with 100+ systems across the Institutional Securities Tech division to seamlessly achieve the deadline for scaling the DSP business.

My primary professional role has been to design & develop scalable services. I have also built end-to-end websites and applications outside of work and I am a proficient Full Stack Developer.

I am highly passionate about teaching and mentoring budding technologists. I ran a unique campus connect cum technical guidance event called Code Kata for Morgan Stanley. I have mentored students both personally and professionally as part of Morgan Stanley's college mentoring program.

I am an avid reader of thrillers, murder mysteries and science-fiction novels. I enjoy learning a wide range of technology paradigms, languages, frameworks and tools.


  • Vice President in Equity Swaps Trading team in Morgan Stanley.
  • Running a multi-year cross-divisional project to radically scale Morgan Stanley's DSP business from ~10 million swaps to ~100 trillion.
  • Ran Code Kata, a unique campus outreach event aimed at introducing college students to real world challenges.
  • Develop & maintain GST Utilities, a free utility for Indian Goods & Service Tax (GST).
  • Designed & implemented the core architecture & trade execution framework for Acclivis, an automated trade engine.
  • Passionate about technology, mentoring, teaching & reading fiction.
  • Recipient of Global Technology Excellence Award & Brand Genius of the year award at Morgan Stanley.

Professional Experience

Equity Swaps Trading

  • Grew from Analyst to Vice President and served diverse business functions across the DSP business.
  • Implemented P&L Attribution which provided real-time summary, aggregation & attribution of P&L changes across all Equity Swaps.
  • Implemented Risk SubLedger for accurately synchronizing Equity Swaps feed into the Firm's books and records against official daily official Risk Manager sign-offs.
  • Member of SACRB, a team responsible for providing architectural guidance and reviewing major features & changes for the SEM platform.
  • Rolled out SwapSmith, an automated client trade driven Swap creation engine to all the global DSP desks.
  • SME across trade capture & cashflow processing for two key DSP features: LT/ST & SNS.

Code Kata

  • Code Kata is a unique coding & branding event targeted at final year college students.
  • It is an open-book coding exercise which introduces the participants to technique of writing clean, extensible and modular code.
  • I conducted the event on multiple college campuses across two years.
  • I received the Brand Genius of the year award for creating & managing the event.

Other Activities

  • Mentor & SME for MS University, an initiative by Morgan Stanley to teach real world technology skills to local college campuses.
  • Member of the technical interview panel for college graduates across all technology teams in India.

Projects & Interests


  • Built GST Utilities. It is a utility to process & convert GST return summaries provided by the official GST portal. It is used by countless tax practitioners in India. The app is built to highlight important information for known return formats, and gracefully handles all new return formats.
  • Designed & implemented the core architecture & framework for an automated trade engine, Acclivis. The trade engine provides flexible support for variety of trading strategies with the capability to integrate triggers from multiple sources.
  • Developed a privately hosted Web App to track personal finance & investments across asset classes. I continuously adapt & tinker this application to support new & sophisticated investment instruments.
  • Built & distributed an Android mobile app to efficiently manage phone ring profiles for phones with Android version < 6.0.


  • I consider myself an aspiring Software Crafter. I am a firm believer in clean code and follow the discipline to keep improving myself with each new project.
  • I am constantly learning new technology or framework or paradigms. I believe technology is a tool and a good craftsman not only knows how to use tools, but also understands what all tools are available and appropriate.
  • I am an avid & voracious reader. I prefer thrillers, murder mysteries, detective novels & science fiction. I've read hundred's of books and some of my favorite authors include Jeffery Archer, Dan Brown, Lee Child and others.

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